Wheeler Training Institute

Training When and Where You Need It


Wheeler Training Institute provides customized training for your individual company needs.  We will do the training when and where you want it.  This is a great option for companies needing to train multiple people, don't want to pay the travel expenses associated with traveling to a location, have unique schedules to accommodate or have specific challenges and training needs.  Don't know what you need training on?  We can help you with that as well.  Fill out the training request and we will contact you and work with you on training options!   

We charge a flat fee to come do training at your site or any designated location, all expenses included, no hidden costs or surprises.  You will be assigned one of our expert instructors, same great course but individualized to your specific company needs.

How does it work?  When you click the link to request individualized training below, we will contact you promptly to discuss your specific training needs, dates and times, training locations, and at the end of the call you will know exactly how much the training will cost.  We will work to finalize details and then upon developing your course, your instructor will provide a follow-up call to understand exactly any topics you want covered or challenges you face that we can address during the class.

Questions or Inquiries?  Contact us at training@wheelercat.com