Heavy Equipment Operation. Easy as 1 - 2- 3

Level 1 - New Operator

New or inexperienced Operators will learn safety and foundational machine operation. Learn core operator skills; pre-inspections, basic maintenance, machine controls, maneuvering, basic earthmoving and safe operating practices. Operators obtain Level 1 Certificate of Completion

Level 2 - Operator Proficiency

Taking Operator skills to the next level. Class begins with a skills analysis and an individual learning plan for each student.  Time in the seat will be focused on technique and individualized development tasks. Operators will obtain a Level 2 Certificate of Participation with a Skill Assessment Sheet.

Operator Consulting

We will come on-site to observe, coach and train one or more of your operators and help with operating skills on the job site. This can be done with new operators having no experience to skilled operators needing to refine their skills. Cost per hour, contact us for information.

Level 3 - CAT Certification

Operating will meet the highest standard of operating requirements. Students must have 5+ years of operator experience and may be required to attend multiple sessions due to the demands of this certification. Certification training is scheduled by request, contact us to schedule.

Class Schedule - Heavy Equipment Operator Training

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